temporary closed coffee shop, roastery is open.

Emergency staff meeting last night. We ordered food from Chinese Delicacy- one of my all time favorite spots, and actually the food of our last two staff meals. Earlier in the day Alex Geddes, who roasts most of our coffee with myself, we had an earlier meeting at Bamboo House, or Than Tao- our neighbor at the roastery.

We talked about several options, but came to the unanimous decision to close the coffee shop. i have promised to take care of people, however unemployment insurance could be a lifesaver, so everyone is also out of work. Our decision is because we do not want to be a factor in putting others at risk.

On the back side we have about 20 dozen eggs, 30 gallons of milk, and 20 pounds of butter. we may. may do walk up hours and sell these items, worst case give them away. we would mark up 20 percent, the same as a grocery store.

working on a way to sell coffee by mail now.

this is a perfect time to paint the coffee shop and do clean up.

if you need coffee email couriercoffeeportland.com and i can roast coffee and mail.

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