new work protocol, to keep deliveries safe from coronavirus, and how you can help keep it safe.

Yesterday i delivered 17 units coffee to LaBouffe on 80th and SE Stark, in my car. I was only able to handle a fraction of the home accounts, and i was forced to stop once my hands got too dry to work.

Here is my work protocol, and my protocol at home. Normally my wife wants me home earlier, but she is thankful that i am now away and because of my deliveries we have an ongoing talk about whether i should come home.

At home and at work- no touching my face ever, if there is an itch, i use my shoulder. hand towels get washed daily, and i use separate towels from my wife and daughter. For myself no using my chopsticks to grab anything from shared dishes. when raising and lowering the lid of the toilet i touch the part that no one else does, and at work i use my foot.

When i leave the house everything i put on is freshly washed, long sleeve shirt, pants, and hat. And when i come home i strip off, set my phone, keys, and glasses aside, wash hands for a long time, then lay a paper towel over my phone, soak it in 99% alcohol, then glasses, then i go back and spray completely my keys, door knob, car door handles, with a 500 ppm solution of Oasis 146 quatra-ammonia from Ecolab Chemicals, and let them sit till dry. i have test strips and keep the solution at 500ppm, strong enough to kill almost everything, and the strongest level that is also food grade. nothing else comes in the house, except food- fruit is also rinsed in sanitizer, let sit, and after 5 minutes washed with clean water. cans of beverages soaked down. and mail from the postman- not touched, not opened until i have gloves, or after 48 hours.

Out on delivery in car only- because im worried my nose might run in the cold. there is a spray bottle of quatra-ammonia in the car, and a bottle of 99% as well. clean coffee bags, packed with coffee, rest in the trunk, in a clean cardboard box, which has also not come into any contact with other surfaces including my shirt or pants. From the moment i leave the house i consider my pants and shirt sleeves contaminated. when picking up money, or empty jars from customers that all goes into a dirty box in the trunk of the car before cleaning my hands, or taking the gloves off before i do anything else. no cross contamination.

While i am still trying to figure out online sales and shipping currently im trying to catch up with the extra work. Measure twice, cut once. I appreciate those of you who have emailed, and i am working to respond. unfortunately i am going to pause all glass jar deliveries after today- we have to go to too many stores to get the jars, and i need to limit my time out.

Today when i deliver to World Foods and Food Front in NW i will be wearing an n95 mask, gloves, and eye protection. The risk just seems too great that with me visiting all these places i will come into contact. And i really dont want to bring anyone else into contact. Yesterday i saw 20 guys playing basketball in NE Portland, and groups of highschoolers hanging out- i had some people try to walk right up next to me, and while most people are doing a great job there still are bowling alleys open out there to go to.

My wife and daughter are not going out, family not coming over. and i am no longer allowing any staff to come back to the coffee shop or roastery without contacting me- Things might smooth out but we will not be having two people in the room at the same time, and i for one really need to know if someone has just stopped by and if so what parts of the shop did they use. Even so its the same protocol at work- enter, hands first, then go back and sanitize all surfaces before continuing. and do not touch mail or ride an elevator- elevators are the worst- an enclosed box with no airflow. not without full face protection.

Please continue to hold on until i figure out the online stuff, and if you grab a bag of coffee from your grocery store please remember that the outside surface could have been contaminated, so handle it gingerly, and when you get home perhaps transfer the coffee to your own container before recycling the bag. it is something to know that plastic coffee bags have no advantage in this case since i guess bacteria can live on plastic longer than paper- so i guess you could just quarantine your bag of coffee for a safe time.

The only other consolation i can offer is that our prep surface is completely copper, and copper will kill any virus 99.9% in four hours.

please stay tuned- i will be updating frequently from now on,

best joel and all of us at courier coffee.

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  1. Mark Oldani says:

    Thank you. I appreciate your efforts and your concern . I look forward to getting the coffee and milk later today.

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