update on completely setting up clean room

moving to only using the copper bar. and its really hard not to put hands on pants or shirt. what is easy is using my sterilized keys to open and move doors.

This morning as a precaution i left my mail in the mailbox, and sprayed down all door handles, and gate pulls at my house. from the moment i put on my shoes nothing else was touched again until after handwashing. getting into the car then spraying and completely wetting everything for a minute then rinsing my hands in 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. and then getting to work repeating all steps.

This morning im having fun setting up the copper bar at the roastery, and changing into fresh clothing. going to the bathroom is more than frustrating, as is accidentally putting my hands on my pants because then i have to wash again. its 10am and ive already washed my hands over 50 times, and yep im counting and using paper towels to dry. my arms dont touch any surface the coffee touches and i washing up to my elbows- every. single. time.

im seeing many people out not distancing themselves. apologies- im still delivering today. and im way behind. part of it is that its very hard to run a completely clean food operation, again- thank goodness that we have a copper work surface. the copper and the fact we use oasis multi-quat sanitizer has been a lifesaver.

be well. and please keep checking back on this blog. because i have no way of contacting you. if i or anyone at anyplace that i go to gets sick i will notify and immediately isolate.

much love. joel courier

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