what a frustrating day-

luckily i was visited by a portland legend- and im delivering milk and eggs to him later today, im moving to just bringing people what they need.

dont go out, and if you have elderly people or people in danger read my past posts and let me deliver for free!

im also able to make n95 face masks, from air filters, and can sew. CORRECTION AS OF MARCH 23, CHECKED THE CLASS OF FILTER, ITS LOWER THAN N95 SO NO GOOD.

anything i delivered sealed will be soaked in sanitizer. except coffee- which has its own clean area and will be untouched.

im also delivering books and board games, hero quest will cost serious money though.

and im sorry but Portland Fire Department, and Portland Government- has been a complete ruin. i read their posts on twitter, they asked us to donate medical grade masks and gloves, but when you call they tell you no. seems like every fire department person has no clue. ive asked them to remove their posts. when i called the fire department they said that i should not call city officials, but hold onto what i have. contrary to the website do not donate is what ive been told three times.

just trying to help. you ALL can help me by letting me know what i can do.

i am searching on how to help deliver food and medical supplies.
i will and can do everything possible. crap

best joel

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