OCD courier coffee dealing with the new corona virus world

I mentioned earlier on copper killing 99.9% of germs in 2 hours. CDC tests have tested Corona Virus at 4 hours living on copper. luckily im gone all night and no one comes into the room except me.

I will be wearing an n95 respirator when going into grocery stores, my own research says that once the cartridge packet is opened they are ok for a while. and since medical people are reusing masks i will as well, I mean, once they clog up you can tell as its harder to breath, and the main issue is moisture growing its on bacteria if wet, throw it ontop of my constant heat source at the roastery dries up super quick- just like when leaving your half wet towels in the drier for a night, never good to let a face mask, tools, or laundry stay moist.

Im increasing my soak time in Oasis 146 multi-quatra- ammonium to 5 minutes for all items.

Instead of gloves- using a plastic bag.

A heart breaking moment yesterday was having my sister visit- we had a nice walk, and she seems less concerned about distancing. Toward the end she was getting ready to leave (didnt let her in the house). Our daughter, 4 years, was playing and forgot the distance, and started to run up to hug her goodbye, and since she doesnt really stop when asked i grabbed her when a foot away and pulled her back- not harshly of course, but then the crying started. and it lasted for a while, and because i cant stand too long because of my back problems and just the immense stress im under, i let mom take care of it, before retreating to a chair in the house after obsessively washing my hands again and soaking my keys in sanitizer.

There are two theories that im hearing- some normal people with no medical background are saying- 4 days of quarantine no sign of symptoms but i have allergies- im fine. some others and i think the entire world is saying 4 weeks at least, maybe longer. Even the people in charge are getting sick…

if we all only stayed home for 4 days- and the virus just went away- then why is everyone shutting down for much longer, why are people getting so close in the grocery stores and highschoolers in portland attending basketball games, why are the people at Costco getting the virus? why were bowling alleys in portland still open.


using plastic bags as gloves for taking things, quarantining paper and boxes that come to your home before opening. keeping away from enclosed spaces in business to pick up delivery. If your a medical person and need a mask what about making them out of n95 air filters from the store- lots of that on the shelves (CORRECTION, THEY DONT EXIST, FILTERS SAY OK FOR VIRUSES, BUT NO N95 CLASS, STILL BETTER THAN A SURGICAL MASK- BUT NOT CORRECT. and what about getting together in a park- with a bunch of your friends in a big circle and kicking a ball around? the one who brings the ball is the one who touches.

im not really worried about myself, or my partner (i mean if something happened hope she would feel slightly bad), but i do really worry about my daughter, and that she doesnt understand all of this, and i worry about all of my customers and people who get the coffee. My mother died from cancer when i was younger, and the people i deliver to have diabetes, heart disease, cancer survivors, you name it. I grew up not putting my toothbrush with others, not sharing toothpaste, or plates, and with a water temperature that could cause first degree burns in the house.

Later in life living with my Thai housemate in my last year of college, we only ate out of one bowl, shared one cup, when asked “why” i was told- “in my family we only eat out of one bowl”. They were poor, parked the car next to the bed so it would not get stolen, and grew up playing in the creek of sewage behind the house in Bangkok. Kind of like Lava Monster, except a little more serious. ive always cringed about sharing a toothbrush, but on the otherside there are reasons thats ok. so im going back to being paranoid, and luckily ive hit the perfect age in life where i dont care what you think. im going to wear an industrial respirator, and goggles (do you notice i always have my goggles anyway). when that fire season hit i had n95 masks for all my staff, and i still do. biking through firesmoke is no good.

maybe soccer with the neighbors today, while keeping 10 feet apart. please stay tuned working on online ordering- thanks to Bike Portland i think i have the push i need to contract with other bike companies to get product out, and keep tuned. i have 40 gallons of milk that need getting rid of and ill do it at cost. logistics is a huge huge thing currently.

I dont want to spread panic, but good practices. but as a deliveryperson i fear for all of you, as i fear for my daughter. much love, all of us at courier- joel
this is a hasty post, and i will work on my paragraph separation at a later time. more and more updates, to follow.

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