This week

This week our three person coffee workshop is down to one. Matt Sperry is out in the forests of California, high Sierras, leading Outward Bound for a month. Alex Geddes is hiking the woods with his family in Canada for the week. Much work, my legs are cramping up lately, and I am kind of wishing tomorrow does not have to start at 4, but at the same time the massive amount to accomplish each day is rad.

The cold brew came out well. I am super thirsty this evening. Did two trips to Little Red Bike Cafe today. Biked back one of them on highway 30. I love highway 30. Paused to hang out with Evan and Ali of LRBC- Happy Birthday Evan!!! Compared espresso between H&H and LRBC today. Did some work on someone else’s espresso machine last night. Guatemala finca las Nubes is wonderful. This week is going to be so so awesome- I LOVE THE WORK.

oh, and get over to Navarre while Melissa is in the kitchen. This is her last week, she is amazing. CORRECTION It is Melissa’s last weekend doing breakfast service! She will be doing evening service. That is this upcoming weekend, and we will definitely be there having breakfast.

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