Brave customers.

packing and labeling 200 packages by hand, thank you for holding on.

much love for all- stores are late but i will stock today.

shout out to those people who are super isolated- please donate blood and get your dna tested to be a potential doner for bone marrow, if you are brave.

if you donate i will play some hero quest with you.

wow- what an offer.

but really this is an incredible time, lets help each other out, and think about all our friends or family members who have cancer, or patients who need blood. i honestly dont know why we are not going to a WW2 level and making all factories help. currently all i can do is help you with coffee.

because im a glass is half empty kind of person if you havnt noticed, if i hear of anyone i deliver to getting something close to the virus i will post it here. on this blog, and on all social media that i have in my power. if anyone i come into contact with, or if some ill should happen to myself.

if the conditions are right- meaning i dont have to step foot inside a hospital, tent, im thinking about starting to donate blood again, and im already on the bone marrow donor list. lets help our neighbors and help our friends, and perhaps the friends and loved ones we have never even met before.

be brave.
and by brave i also mean fear, not touching your face, keeping social distance, and also be willing to help others in need. and remember coughing in an enclosed space the particles linger. elevators, cars, boxes, they float invisible in the air.

I envy the single people now.

xo courier

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