drove the loop today

After careful planning, i drove a loop around the city.

This reminded me of when i used to do newspaper delivery (in the same stick shift 1993 Toyota Corrolla). Newspaper delivery drove me to three things-

1) switching the radio to a CD player
2) upgrading the CD player with a cable to run my minidisc player
3) promising myself that i would never deliver by car again.

And here we are.

Other eventful things- first time ever getting bitten by a dog on my route today. the little guy bit me six times. the dog was pretty cute though, and i think it did not break skin. happy end to the story the dog made it back inside. coffee prices will now include hazard fee. hahaha.

everyone on my route today did a great job with social distancing, wow you guys are winners. some of you live pretty far out there. being born in the city, and not using google maps- today was a challenge with the added people. n and ne portland are always a bit odd for me, but i can get by, today was a test. (im a SE portland person, but can still navigate).

actually thinking back to drivers education at Grant Highschool- my instructor would tell me to go to the airport, or head to lake oswego without any direction. just say- just head to where you think it is. wonder what happened to that person. he was a lot of things but had a passion for parallel parking, and also instructed me how to back up at full speed and brake and spin then go, all with a stick shift. what a gem.

hang in there. if there is some special help you need, or if you are bored- well i have a family, but i will be checking my email, while it would be great to make money, we are all in this together.

I drove a loop today in hopes i wont have to for next week.

accounts- email couriercoffeeportland@gmail.com

basically since i overstocked most everyone- sent me an email.

hang on- and love from courier.
best joel

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