keeping safe with covid-19, in a haphazard list, followed by some drama recommendations, and if you have feedback email me. please.

we are sending coffee locally and shipping across the states.

How are we keeping your product safe-
It starts at home. clean clothing gets put on after washing hands up to elbows for a minute or more in burning water with a lot of soap and a scrubber. after that nothing touches the hands that has not been soaked in ammonia for ten minutes in a 500 ppm solution. I dont touch shoes, or any parts. the phones and glasses get soaked in 99.5 percent alcohol for ten minutes, and all the clothing i start with is fresh and cleaned in a machine with bleach in a proper dilutions and then a rinse in super hot water, then in a dryer on high heat.

when i get to work i wash hands once, then change clothing- careful, then wash again- and both times up to elbows. no touching outside of driving gloves, outside of mask, door handles with bare hands and then into the shop phones, glasses, gets changed again.

no coughing, no touching face or ears,

now- when i deliver into stores i wear lab goggles and an n95 mask- from november. when i get home i strip, wash, and shower, then rinse off contact surfaces with multi ammonium sanitizer.

so- lets get to the fun part.

recommendations for drama.

The best feel good- food drama-
Shinya Shokudo- or Midnight Diner- available on Netflicks- but the japanese issue is better.
Manhatten Love Story- japanese- a coffee drama- love it.

my sophomore japanese drama-
hana yori dango- japanese- the first drama i watched with sakiko
kita no konikara- very beautiful.

i have a bunch- but lets cut to zombi dramas-
hero- japanese- kind of nice.

then lets go american- armegedon.

i have so many more.

but this is a lighthearted response. please dont go outside- please stay safe- please practice being ten feet away.

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