The courier phone is back- no masks needed.

I realize that masks are frowned upon by people. I went to a Verizon wireless store, where not a single staff member wore a mask. I wore an n95 mask, and i used a glove to touch surfaces, and i declined sitting, instead choosing to stand back over 6 feet.

the employees at Verizon i was told have skin problems, and so they cannot wear masks.

as i was being helped i looked at the persons face very closely, very nice skin.

The people at Verizon may get sick and die, or even spread covid-19 around, but their skin is very nice. They laughed it off, and my phone works again.

people with great skin will never die, why worry about customers. thank you verizon wireless.


im sorry im so bitter- but this is a big deal.I dont think you should wear a mask in your car, or just walking downt the street, but it should be ready. courier is pro- mask. and you should not run an entire store without using masks. Verizon stores scare me to death. perhaps they have not heard about covid.


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