Things that are happening

“I can’t breathe.”
SERVE AND PROTECT?? for a 20 dollar bill? your life.
I have not had the personal courage to watch the video,

the line I cant breathe, i cannot get out of my head. Today the paint in downtown portland were mostly those words, the other one that stood out, as it was repeatedly written everywhere was “justice.” Personally the word justice does not mean much, justice is not blind, it sees. It especially sees skin tones, and religion, and does not recognize police easily, or people with money. I have no real perspective on this. I really wish the coffee shop was open so that we could talk face to face about this.

I did not attend any protests, but i hope everyone who did protest was safe.
i have so many thoughts, but i told myself a while back no swear words on the wordpress account.

Lets list some other things happening as well-
I hear very very bad things about Guatemala- people are getting very sick, please enjoy coffee while you can, and i would get ready for a price increase next year. Also since your favorite coffee shops buy all their cups and lids from China get ready for that, and by that i mean price increase. (LIDS are always chinese fyi, and we are one of two shops in portland using cups from the USA, others source their plastic lining from China.

New flip phone is working well. to the person who called me at 5pm the other day asking if we still had canele left- …. no. now that the phone line is back i get two calls a day trying to make orders. thank you for the interest.

Again- be angry, but be safe, the coffee shop is on hold but you can still get coffee.

much love

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