courier today

The coffee shop is temporarily closed, and we can tell you it will be longer than a month. One reason being that when we decide to open we will need more customers than before, and for those doubters- lets figure this- 20 dollars per hour for one employee (includes taxes- so they get paid maybe 16 plus tip), open 3 hours a day. 60 dollars means in 3 hours we will have to sell 120 dollars.

pre-pandemic rates
5- cold brew coffee.
4- pourover coffee.
3- yogurt oat muffin (organic nancys whole milk yogurt- 8dollar a dozen local pasture eggs, organic
fruit, vegan cane sugar, etc.
2- canele
5-hot choc or mocha
3- tea

Currently we send customers to Deadstock, or Stumptown.

In an end of the world scenario- you could probably make coffee at home, not get take out food, etc. But it comes down to all of the courier staff feeling its wrong to open, plus they are currently able to survive. My job is to make sure there is a coffee shop to come back to, which means paying rent. If you were to come to the coffee shop today there is no product, the valuables have been removed (record player), internet off, hot water and all equipment off, and probably a post apocolyps fridge situation. But all past and present keyholders are using the place to keep their bikes and bags while they attend the protest and support BLACK LIVES. so the space is kind of risky, where as the roastery is just me.

The roastery is very much open, and roasting, and doing a bad job of getting online sales starting. But the roastery pays the rent for the downtown shop.

At the roastery the copper bar is clean- there is a wall of coffee brewers on one side (from closed restaurants, and a lot of things on the floor. its also very very hot. 90 degrees f at 6am. cant open the doors with coronavirus, and dont have airconditioning. this room is negative pressure so we suck in everything.

At home we make mini pools using sheets of plastic for our daughter, or slides out of plywood,

going forward i think doing coffee classes over video would be cool, we are also looking forward to selling things like clothing online- personally my sweatpants are old, and i dislike amazon.

be well and be safe.
be super safe, and coming soon we will help you make delicious coffee at home,
this pandemic has most people feel like they want to party, or compromising safety for a good time.


best from all of us. joel courier coffee

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