Pandemic kid and adult tips

Picnic in your yard for dinner, if apartment make a tent inside.
Candlelit meals.
relive games like “go-fish,” and “memory”
draw a picture then cut it out to make your own puzzle.
if you have a close neighbor make a tin can phone with string.
use a sheet of plastic to make your own pool (outside prefered).
kid- make your own pizza dinner night- fyi get ready to wait forever.


learn how to make a delicious cup of coffee or a “latte” at home- trust us- its better at home and the work makes your drink better.

Learn about masks- your bandana does not cut it, triple it up, make it air tight. and check those ear loop masks that are too big. Take it serious about eye protection too.

As parents i think we have some options. Unfortunately many people are tired of the pandemic. and some of us are thinking not wrongly- lets form some safe groups. The large question is risk. And id rather you identify risk as something with a child over whether i should take my family to an outdoor restaurant.

As an adult- and also as a believer in movies like Volcano one, and Two, well- while i know what kind of truck can drive through lava- im unsure the mask i would wear.

And i have watched the two movies, as well as snakes on a plane, zombies on a plane, ants on a plane…. ive pretty much watched many of them (on beta max)-for those of you who have never done beta max- good luck.

We want you all to be safe. we are all in this together. And without a doubt Black Lives Matter- and we are against the negativity of the police on this.

Be safe, wear a mask when you are close, and much love.

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