The price of coffee is increasing. Normally this would be great for farmers, however shipping will also delay. Courier buys much of its coffee spot (means its somewhere in the U.S.A- dont confuse that with the USA in China- haha- those clever people).

The workers are all getting sick, many people are afraid of going to work, and many roasters around the world have started to back out of agreements. so we have all this coffee that people promised to buy, and the the buyers are backing out of contracts- think large roasters (and your local chain roasters). So coffee is flooding the market, but without buyers they have to charge more, to make up for the loss.

As a roaster I have never backed out of an agreement to purchase in all my 15 years. And at the start of Covid-19 here, we actually gained by purchasing amazing coffees from contracts others had cancelled. Now we have this interesting situation of people who purchase from us being wildly inconsistent. it could be 200 pounds roasted in a day, or 20. Since people are buying less, the sellers are trying to sell pre-ship more- which is risky for the roaster who doesnt know what they will be moving in 5 months from now. Im tasting samples, promising to buy, and by the time the coffee gets here the flavor may change from the sample. I did just agree to buy 1000 pounds of amazing coffee- it will be here in November, but there are no promises on the arrival dates.

This whole pandemic is weird. Toilet paper crises, shortage of coins, inflatable pools on backorder for 2 years, aluminum can shortage, top ramen shortage- and i cant figure why everyone is buying bottled water.

My wife bought a ring light the other day………..

Anyway- the courier ex-staff are having a video meeting Sunday, worry about money being cut off. We are going to have to do an in person thing for records, as many are still at the coffee shop.

be well. joel courier

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