Kyocera DuraXV Extreme flip phone vs. Kyocera Dura XV

The Courier flip phone screen broke, just after the shut down took effect for us in March. We had taken to sanitizing the phone daily- in a highly corrosive liquid of multi-quatranary Ammonium – a liquid which kills pretty much everything, the same sanitizer we use at the coffee shop and roastery. In concentrated amounts of 500ppm the liquid can eat rubber seals, corrode stainless steel, and apparently destroy your military spec cell phone, and or radio. we went through a week of submerging the phone in rice, dismantling the phone and cleaning the contacts with isopropyl alcohol, and drying it thoroughly over a heat source.

The cool thing about this phone was that it had amazing clarity- the sound both the sending and receiving came through very well. People commented if i called them on a different phone and told me my voice didnt sound as good as on the Kyocera. I didnt have to put the phone to my ear either as the entire phone conducted sound through a coil, and not a speaker. I could just put the phone to my ear protection, or the side of my bike helmet, and then that would become the speaker, as the phone had the ability to conduct sound through material.

The Dura XV had been discontinued, and after weeks of research, and calls, i decided on the new Iphone SE. Then at the last moment Verizon released a new Kyocera flip phone- amazing.

So i did not have a work number for Courier for 2 months, during that time i learned to live without picking up the phone all the time, relying upon my voicemail message asking people to text me or email, and in general enjoying the vacation from normalcy that this pandemic has created. Only a few people had my other number, used mostly for international travel, and its true the iphone is a joy to send long texts and photos on, and is very useful. The iphone is difficult to hold on your shoulder, and easy to fumble on letters in messages, and easy to break.

Some of you may remember that when Courier started 15 years ago we only had a landline, and at home it was difficult because the message machine would often eat the message, or people would assume i had caller I.D. This made it especially hard to meet friends, date, or carry out business. Then we got the roastery (prev- roasting in my garage at home), and a second landline for there (plus a fax machine). Eventually we broke down and got a cheap flip phone. I think in 14 years im 6 flip phones deep, and im on my first iphone. hmm 4th laptop. its weird when you think about life in terms of how many devices you have gone through. The fact that up until March I held 6 different phone accounts is a little unsettling.

so- The New Kyocera DuraXV Extreme- is troubling.

it charges with USB-C. The call quality is awesome. The battery life sucks compared to the previous model. 4 days. I have not had the chance to test reception- which fyi the prev model was… amazing.

The bummer is really the battery life, but also that i have no confidence in the phones seals for water. The camera is actually better that the last version- faster. The back panel is popped up a little, and at 4 months i may have to request a replacement. One of my largest complaints- the earpiece is very very different- it has a speaker- and will not work unless its next to your ear. i wonder why they changed design. while the phone is bulkier, and heavier, the battery is the same. while there are several new things like the charging points on the back of the phone, larger side buttons etc. you can tell its poorly designed, compared to the last model. Kyocera seems to focus on looks, and less to the military and water and dust specs of the phone.

Overall- a cheaper flip phone could be better. ive abused most of my phones and samsung was always strong. if i had to do it over i would get a samsung flip phone.

If you call Courier today- its a flip phone. while this new phone is unsettling, its still great to be able to drop it in water, or rest it on a hot engine while using the flashlight.

everyone- stay safe.
be well- more soon best joel courier

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