i was asked to be more positive- and i have it for you.

We have tried many things- and a few of them have worked.

cornering the market on shure-n-44g cartridges- positive.
In our attempt we have also attempted to repair a GFA-555 Adcom- fail.

Our dreams include building a treehouse, plotting to reopen the shop downtown, and being curious about how the company- postmates- are selling our product.. Fyi they are selling product from 5 years ago online (rumor has it you can buy anything).

Many things have made me happy over the years- our staff, my wife and daughter and the support of my family….. and lets just cut to the last part- my stereo.

I have a long list of awesome people and things, but now the next step is to bring the best ones back,

i cant say its awesome- but my goal after goal is to revive the audio cable for my minidisc player.

lets work together.
also still roasting coffee.
wish i was playing minidiscs.
roastery is too dusty for records.


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