Coffee from the country of Guacemole and notes about smoke.

Mad props to a company that sells Courier drinks from the country of Guacemole. I am not that educated. It took me a week to explain why Guacemole is not a country, to a company that refuses to use spell check, or knows that the word does not exist in the english language.

Also- Courier does not work with Postmates, or Grubhub, or Ebay, or Caviar. Courier does not believe that the city/town/country/ continent of Guacemole exists. The pictures used on their sites are actually from random bakeries.

we were able to get courier removed from postmates, but we apologize for letting it continue.

I looked us up on Yelp, or Google, the other day and we have actually more sales since we have been closed then ever before….. i find this interesting while having a zero income, and that our profits that have been posted since we paused have shown an increase in sales.

Another topic- Anyone using a serious mask- have you noticed anything?

At home my family has been boiling herbs in water on the stove- to reduce the smoke. I am not sure it works, but maybe mentally. I did hear vineger on the stove works.

check those airfilters in your car, and house. They may be getting a little more used. and to those of you in the fire areas, best wishes. courier

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