Postmates re- believes in the country of Guacamole.

Postmates has read our post- and has decided to spell Guacamole correct. But i am still trying to convince them that Guacamole is not a country. The only positive on Postmates is that their wait music while on hold is nice.

I dont want to come down hard on non- english speakers- but again Guacamole is not a country. its been three weeks. We have also never served a “Guacamole” espresso- ever.

In the mean time they will take your money for our Guacamole espresso- and then hold your money. fyi- it could be snickers espresso, gold fish espresso- these people wont stop.

Your loss is their profit.

why do i have to spend 5 hours a week on this?
Why is Postmates selling product from 5 years ago that cant be sold.

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