vote- do it.

I am a last minute voter. I would like my partner/wife to look at the ballot with me. Sakiko is a Permanent Resident, which is kind of awesome. I have asked her to discuss and we will vote together. This year i think it will be decided over the weekend.

I am pretty sure my neighborhood or neighbors have different opinions. The debates/ and talks/ on the radio that i have heard have been really fun for me this year.

This last week was full of political stuff on the radio.

Please vote, if you can vote, and remember there are millions of people living here legally who cannot vote.

there are 8.8 million, who pay taxes, but cannot vote, my wife is one- they took her money, but she cannot speak.

show your own opinions and vote for who you want.

and please know that the debates and talks on the radio have been cool. I think the last week has had a lot of information. so listen if you can.

thanks j

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