last minute halloween.

so- you have given up on halloween, but a cute kid shows up on your porch with a mask. One of the top two best halloween treats i received as a kid was a can of soup. The second best one was dental floss.

It would be so cool to hand out some pasta, or perhaps tofu. The kid that receives the treat would be impressed.

Whenever i carve a pumpkin i save the seeds. I wash them like rice in a bowl of water, and strain out three times. Then into the oven with light salt, on a clean pan. roasted pumpkin seeds are always a favorite.

There was an amazing kids story about someone who carves a pumpkin, then leaves it in their yard. The story is really about a mouse who crawls into the pumpkin, and eats it, and ends up using the pumpkin as its home for the winter. Letting things decompose in the yard is kind of a great thing.

I know its a pandemic, but thank you everyone who is making it magical.

If you are doing the hands off approach for trick or treaters (good idea), try leaving a ton of candy in a bowl, but then maybe some condiments.

if it wasnt wrong i would give kids coffee beans.

to all of you who have made candy slides, or pulley systems, or model trains to take candy to trick or treaters – awesome. to all of you delivering candy to kids using fishing polls (tape- no hooks)- awesome.

we are in this together- no matter who you vote for- or who you buy coffee from.

If you dont want to have trick or treaters- turn off the lights. Halloween is the only day when we turn off porch lights at home, after the candy runs out.

all of us older people are ok- but the kids are really wanting to go out trick or treating…… catch 22.

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