Chocolate Chip Cookies. We get a few minutes on Hulu.

I am afraid to watch what happened today on Hulu.

People are now asking for our recipe, but i think that is not what you actually want.

Without knowing what was shown on Hulu, here are my tips and tricks.

First question- is there a recipe? For me there is not, not exactly.

Crucial parts of your recipe- for anything. use the best eggs (pasture raised- firm yolks- i prefer brown ones, but color is not a factor). this makes an incredible difference.

Chocolate for most people is expensive- we use a 72% chocolate. Something like Nestle chocolate would be bad.

Lastly- resting your cookie dough- and this could be the thing everyone can pull off- just put it in the fridge, and let it sit for 5 days. The flavor will be much better than the next day.

If you all trust me, i would love to offer guidance on cookies. Baking is my love before coffee. I think that i can give you guidance, but not exactly a recipe. Our recipe is built around our ingredients.

In any case- much love. The fact that We are all here now, is awesome.

Stay safe, and, yes its my personal cell phone number. I go to sleep at 8pm and attempt to wake up at 2 am each morning, although calls are appreciated after 6am.

best joel courier coffee.

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