Alex bikes new espresso: Brazil Cerrado fazenda Chapadao de Ferro

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Alex left this morning with 63 pounds of coffee. He has two stops downtown, an office, and Half and Half Cafe, before crossing the Broadway bridge and biking out Interstate to Little Red Bike Cafe. From there he goes to Cafe Under the Bridge, crossing the St. Johns Bridge and bombing down highway 30 back to downtown Portland. Making a few checks/deliveries in downtown Alex then goes to deliver coffee to Produce Row Cafe, followed by the crepe cart on 12th and Hawthorne, Perierra Creperie.

Alex is bringing the last few pounds of our current espresso to LRBC and H&H, along with our brand new espresso: Chapadao de Ferro. H&H will be getting into this last batch pretty much immediately, while LRBC will tap into it mid Friday. Then it will be time for something fresh and radically different, a single origin, natural process coffee, from Cerrado, Brazil. The family farm, or fazenda, is named for the huge volcanic plateau on which it rests. Chapadao de Ferro, in Portuguese, literally translates to ‘really big plateau of iron.’ The plateau is the highest elevation in all of Cerrado, and the mineral content in the coffee is apparent. Fazenda Chapadao de Ferro is run by the Delarisse family, who raise cattle as well as coffee, very common we hear for this area. The espresso we are sending out today is a 50/50 mix of two roasts that are each slightly different, roasted yesterday at 255pm. Moving to a traditional natural process coffee the espresso should be more sweet and full, and totally different.

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