Sunday Parkways locks down streets as my cell phone blows up

It is Saturday afternoon and I am roasting only the coffee I need, plus a little extra. I have deadlines to hit. I must get to Selgris before open, and Two Tarts and H&H before they close. Midway through this run additional orders come in.

This morning was difficult. I knew and was planned for Hash Restaurant and 72nd avenue pub, but the phone call alerting me that Toast would need coffee before 9am was unexpected. I receive the call at 750am.

The cargo bike has a 35pound box of stainless steel airpots, plus the coffee I was delivering to Hash. I am at my house leaving when I get the call from Toast. Planning to skim some of Hash’s coffee for Toast when I receive phone call number two alerting me that Toast is completely out of decaf coffee. At this point I am in Sellwood and things are radically altered. I now have an hour to skim coffee from the H&H and gather what little decaf I have at the roastery- 72nd Avenue Pub is placed on the backburner.

As I make my way from downtown to the roastery streets that I did not even know were part of Sunday Parkways start to be blocked off. My route is shifted as streets start to close. I could of course bike through, but I am weary of Sunday Parkways. Arrived at the roastery, switch to a faster bike and book to Toast.

Now I am back at the workshop, having taken coffee from the H&H cafe I must now roast them more and travel back. The following is a map pulled from the Sunday Parkways site. It looks great for family’s with small children who would like to get out and ride their bicycles. Also today is Portland Century, who I crossed paths with multiple times this morning.

Click to see a larger image of the map.

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