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4 Responses to “window blog”

  1. steve domreis says:

    what happened to your cell phone?

  2. evan says:

    I think I can help with this one…

    saying that your phone “blows up” is modern English slang which indicates that one is experiencing a high volume of phone calls. joel’s cell phone seems to be working fine (at least was this afternoon when i called him to let him know that lrbc would be needing coffee before 9am on tuesday).

    so mr domreis, next time you are getting a lot of phone calls, be sure to tell someone that you, or your cell phone is “blowing up today.”

  3. steve domreis says:

    I don’t know what makes me feel older.
    not knowing modern slang?
    being called mr domreis?
    I promise to clear my posts with the hipsters sitting next to me next time.

  4. evan says:

    nothing but respect coming from my end steve. i blame the “mr.” on my mothers lessons in etiquette.