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Roasted samples of green coffee last night at home in my garage. Our sample roaster is basically a solid steel drum on a spit, turned by hand, over propane flame. A few magnetic thermometers are stuck on the side for reference, next to a small door to spoon samples out. On the far side of the drum a larger hinged door, with a latch key, is for dropping beans in, and pulling finished roasts. Next to the roaster sits a leather glove.

Our sample roaster was made for us by Sherman Dodd, who started Coffee/PER, manufacturer of the SanFranciscan roaster. Five years ago, I contracted Sherman after exhausting a short list of referenced local welders. I spent months on a few different designs, finally deciding upon one, and faxing it over to Sherman, who agreed to make it for me. He made a few upgrades to my design and the result was awesome.

For the first year of roasting in my garage, the majority of my time was spent with this roaster. Now we roast in my garage only to do small samples, sent to us by green coffee sellers. The table next to the roaster is full of tools and forgotten bike parts, while behind is my collection of bikes.

Anyway, last night five samples of coffee from El Salvador were roasted, that were cupped out today. Since much of the flavors were hidden today by the freshness of the roast we will also be cupping these out tomorrow, and maybe after that.

9 Responses to “sample roasting”

  1. steve domreis says:

    is the garage still standing?

  2. evan says:

    are you drinking any of these on wed? if so, please call my cell.

  3. miguel says:

    best comment ever, ha ha ha

    thanks joel for coffee delivery today

  4. steve domreis says:

    have u seen the grg?
    have u seen towering inferno?

  5. John says:

    That is an awesome contraption!

  6. miguel says:

    yes, i have seen the garage BUT after further examination of the photos, it looks like there are cinder blocks stacked on either side to (i assume) act as heat-shield of sorts. as a workplace osha rep, i would call that responsible, good intentioned coffee roasting.

  7. steve domreis says:

    but wouldn’t it have been just as easy to roll the bbq out into the back yard?

  8. miguel says:

    yes. outside roasting would probably be safer than inside…

  9. joel says:

    the garage cuts down a lot of wind, and the bbq wheels always fall off when you roll it anywhere.