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Ham & Gruyere with an egg, and mustard!

Loving Perierra Creperie, you will find us their almost daily eating a Ham and Gruyere crepe, or perhaps just checking in on their coffee supply. Currently they are pressing up Guatemala Esquipulas de Chiquimula finca las Nubes, our super juicy, tangerine milk chocolate, late july crop arrival coffee from Don Fabio Solis’s farm. The crepes are totally awesome, and we pretty much dream of eating them all day long.

Gruyere is a Spanish cheese, and after the egg is laid down a few loops of mustard before the crepe is folded over. Start to finish the entire process is about three minutes. The result is super delicious, and addition of an egg to your order is highly recommended. Of course, they have probably twelve different crepes, and at least five milkshakes, but we find a special attachment for the Ham and Gruyere.

Perierra Creperie is located on 12th and Hawthorne, bike commuter nexus for the eastside.

Tuesday- Saturday 8am-3am. Sunday 9- late

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