New coffee and lightning socks

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New coffee arrived Monday at CCR. It was delivered by a huge semi-truck. We were perhaps mistaken when we said that Courier received its first semi-truck delivery one month ago. Looking back I see that the cab and truck on our last delivery were one, and that it perhaps was not the genuine article. Monday our first honest to goodness semi-truck arrived, bringing literally a ton of coffee (2000 lbs) at one in the afternoon. It was perhaps magical that Alex and I caught the truck at all. We had just pressed some coffee, the day was bright and beautiful. Standing in our shop, we heard/felt the truck. Both our heads turned, catching sight of its logo. Trucks had been visiting Hawthorne all day, but this was different. We did not recognize the branding, and the truck noise had stopped. Alex and I without words, started slowly walking out, through the parking lot. Thats our truck!!

It was impressive to see the truck back into our neighbors parking lot, during their noon rush. Between the telephone poll and the metal posts sunk into the lot it was tight. Our driver totally rocked! Otherwise we would have had to stack our bags in the middle of the boulevard. There was no lift gate, and no palette jack. We carried the coffee to the dge of the truck where Alex rolled it off to stack. Enter Matt Sperry, just arriving to work after a long night at the hospital, perfect. Then we had a great time moving our new coffees to the cellar.

El Salvador Palo de Compana finca Alaska- red and orange bourbon varietals. Super full in your mouth, juicy, spice, red wine, oak, smoky. The sugars remind me of wine sugars. Although this is a washed coffee, the fruit sugars are big. It reminds us of perhaps syrah, with hints of spice and oak. When the cup is hot we find tangerine, kumquats, and lively citrus. There are all sorts of juice notes as the cup cools. Roasting this coffee is going to be rad.

Also, there were other coffees on the truck. One might be on bar at Little Red Bike 4823 N. Lombard tomorrow morning- limited.

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6 Responses to “New coffee and lightning socks”

  1. John says:

    I’ve been drinking this coffee made drip. Brought it camping. Your guys oral spectrometers are perhaps more sensitive then mine. I think chocolate balanced with the right amount of acid.

  2. evan says:

    i have those same socks! rock!

  3. BT says:

    I’m wearing those socks tomorrow!

  4. shark says:

    hey guys. we’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and love what you do. mainly because we do just about the same thing, only in san francisco. we even have the same roaster. neat.
    take care!

  5. miguel says:

    i have the socks, too.

  6. dalas v says:

    Awesome aroma with this Alaska.