New CCR sign at Little Red Bike Cafe

IMGP3606 by you.

IMGP3602 by you.

IMGP3610 by you.

KeeganMeegan did this rad Courier Coffee sign, for our friends at LRBC. They are a small press and bindery on the south edge of the eastside industrial area, where Division meets the river (actually Ivon street, one south of Division). Their shop is part of EM Space, a center for book arts. Keegan and Katie, of KeeganMeegan, have a love for hands on printing, reflected in their collection of letter, and printing presses. EM Space holds classes and workshops, and has its own large collection of working presses. About once a week we drop off a glass jar of coffee to KeeganMeegan. We think their newest sign is rad! Huge thanks to LRBC, who contracted the artwork, for supporting Courier Coffee in all we do, and being one of the best coffee friends ever.

2 Responses to “New CCR sign at Little Red Bike Cafe”

  1. BT says:

    That sign is great!

  2. evan&ali says:

    No, it is us who need to thank you. We’re happy to support your craft (because it is exactly that) and we think of you as one of our best friends ever (w/ or without the coffee part). XO