Birthday bike ride

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Lucky Lab Hawthorne six pm. Tightening a loose valve stem. It is Chris Merkels birthday today, captain of team Unicorn Pony, our cyclocross team. That is Chris on the left, and Edwin Brown of Sprout Cycles on the right.

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Stopping at City Bikes on Ankeny to adjust my crankset, we pick up Andrew Morton, visiting from New York. Andrew has bright green shoes, and hosts Courier’s website.

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Happy Birthday Chris!!

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We bike to the top of Rocky Butte, snap a few pictures, then bomb down the hill to Mt. Tabor, racing the sunset. Edwin, Chris, Joel (me), Alex, Matt, Andrew (L to R). Break at Tabor with some 22′s of SuperDog from LuckyLab, before meeting up with more friends lower down Hawthorne.

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This last week has been amazing. Is it just us or is the summer intensifying in fun? Ate at Dove Vivi three times in the last week! Rad dinner partys, making new friends. Our good friends Michael and Brittany got married over the weekend, and yes, Courier made coffee for the wedding in style. Little Red Bike Cafe celebrated its two year anniversary, two years! And, well, the weather has been beautiful!!  We are calling it a short day at CCR, croquet  at Colonel Summers park 4pm this afternoon, most likely in the NE corner off 20th and Belmont.

One Response to “Birthday bike ride”

  1. miguel says:

    coffee at the wedding was awesome, joel, thank you for everything.

    sorry i couldn’t make chris’ ride yesterday, i’ll make it up to him with beer and snacks later.

    all you guys have lots of fun. GO unicorn pony