Alex Geddes building his roasting skill

IMGP3705 by you.

Alex has been roasting coffee at CCR. Actually for some months Alex has been roasting, but lately he has been doing more. We are still not at the point where Alex roasts alone, but he is definitely making crucial decisions at the end of the roast, like when to pull the coffee from the drum. Some of the batches he has been producing are awesome.

The only way to tell who roasted what is by the handwriting in our logbook. When we come back to a coffee to cup it, days later, we use our notes to reference. The notes are loose, but they sometimes remind us of the particular batch. What Alex has been learning is the structure in how we roast coffee, and also the variables.

We have been super pleased with our two coffee coffees, and have been playing off the idea that we need to preserve the citrus sugars, and not get into caramelizing the sugars too much. This is hopefully why all the coffee has been coming out with citric florals, tangerines, and Kumquat aromas.

3 Responses to “Alex Geddes building his roasting skill”

  1. Carla says:

    Rock on!

  2. Steve Domreis says:

    Thanks for the special delivery last night!