New Robur for Little Red Bike Cafe

Bicycle delivery of a new Robur grinder to Little Red Bike Cafe this morning. This will be the Robur’s second bike ride out.

IMGP3770 by you.

We love that Little Red Bike Cafe cares a ton about their coffee service. This is yet another investment on their part in making their drinks awesome. The Robur is one of the top espresso grinders, and a must have for any serious coffee bar. It is also one of the most expensive grinders on the market, and therefor normally not seen in smaller cafes.

Previously on loan from the Courier Coffee library, LRBC has been using a Mazzer Major grinder. Major is pretty much a step below Robur. What makes the Robur rad are its huge 83mm tool hardened steel conical burrs (or cutting surfaces), slower burr rotational speed, and its propeller mounted above the burrs creating more even drawdown of coffee beans. It basically grinds faster, quieter, cooler, and more consistently. By cutting cooler, and having an even draw down of beans through the burrs, making nicer cuts, flavors unfold more in the cup. While the Robur was at our workshop it certainly was a joy to use. The speed alone, in not having to wait for coffee to grind, is almost satisfaction enough.

Congratulations Little Red Bike Cafe on your new Robur!!!

IMGP3773 by you.

Other news: We have been running temperature tests lately on 3 Liter stainless steel lined, vacuum insulated, airpots. We have wanted to know specifically about heat retention over time. Yesterday we set up a few different scenarios to learn more about our airpots. Much of what we are learning will be a moot point, since coffee is garbage anyway for us after 30 minutes in any kind of container, however lets learn a little! The first run of tests has just been with water, but after a few more runs we are going to move onto coffee.

As a side note- Our newest run of Fetco 3 Liter SS airpots straight from China!!! has new improved hinge where the lid meets the body. It seems like one factory makes these containers and then different companies rebrand them. After much not-caring from our supplier, it looks like someone has finally decided to alter a poor design to a slightly better one.

2 Responses to “New Robur for Little Red Bike Cafe”

  1. John says:

    You never cease to amaze me Joel with your constant testing and refining!

  2. Brian says:

    Word Joel,
    i didn’t know you had a blog.
    This thing is sweet!
    Hung out with Ksenia and Nathen this weekend, we missed you a ton.
    As always your coffee and your buisness blows my freek’n mind.
    you guys are like wierd coffee oriented mad scientists.