the fear

IMGP3831 by you.

Again we lifted the three group La San Marco Leva onto the table. This time very little leaking, but we corrected a seal, and it holds line pressure. Friday Alex installed three new copper washers in the group to boiler nuts. The old asbestos copper crush washers had failed. Generally these washers are one time use only, but sometimes, with copper, it will seal multiple times.

Alex temporarily wired the machine, with the original wiring, dressing exposed areas with electrical tape. After manually filling the boiler half way with water, using the manual fill lever, Alex flipped the power on. The autofill circuit clicked on, filled the boiler a little, then shut off just before filling the entire boiler, a little too much. Then we noticed the heating element work as the machine warmed to not-that-hot-at-all and then stop, pressure gauge rises a fraction. We then decided to fear our electrical work just a little, call it a day, and go ride our bikes.

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Well, we actually did a massive cupping of coffee batches roasted in September, as well as many other things today. Dylan of LRBC showed up just in time to cup, and get in on our note taking. Today we did something new and broke beans apart pre cupping, taking note on the color, and gradation of color of the roast, this happening just after all the cups had been set out. The differences, I thought, between each batch stark, and all of them I could see room for improvement. The cupping went awesome.

I also had a lovely morning working the coffee bar at the Half& Half Cafe with Kristen. She steamed milk, while I made espresso, and we went over a little technique. Alex and I met up and started our day at the Half and Half Cafe, later meeting back up at the workshop. Still much to do. The table is full of coffee that needs sorting and packaging, and we still have bench tests to run on our newest batch of stainless steel lined airpots.

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