tasty coffee with Fetco 31Aap brewer

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The three group La San Marco Leva is still on the table, power off, full, waiting for us to go over its electrical. The Rio two group semi-auto is on, fully operational, so that we may taste espresso of the last few days. There is a disassembled Synesso steam wand valve cleanly laid out on our copper bar, so that we may muse over its cup seat gaskets sealing ability. Underneath our sink a mass of 3/8″ poly tubing, and quick connect Tees and shutoffs, one of the water tubes hooked up to our side project, the Fetco 31Aap.

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The Fetco 31Aap is an older model coffee brewer, made in Chicago. This machine has been discontinued for years, but its parts are still being manufactured. This Fetco is on loan from the Little Red Bike library, and today we are testing its ability to make tasty coffee.

The Fetco 31Aap is equipped with a digital temperature controller with LED readout, pictured at the top. Water completes issuing from a plastic spray cutter at 3 minutes. The spray cutter splits the water into 5 or 6 different streams, that attempt to evenly distribute water over the coffee grounds. There are so far problems like coffee grounds not wetting entirely, and, in general, over or under extraction. Amidst tackling other tasks the Fetco is one of our many projects for the day. At the same time we are doing checks on the heat holding ability of our 3 Liter stainless steel lined airpots from Fetco.

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  1. evan&ali says:

    reading your blog one might think you have too much time on your hands….i can’t even begin to imagine what kind of crazy shit you would get yourself into if that were actually the case