window blog update on the 31Aap

IMGP3937 by you.

We started a new journal at the workshop, documenting our experiments brewing coffee. Yesterday we continued trials with the Fetco 31Aap coffee brewer. Previously all coffee has been awful.

We started by shortening the length of time the brew solenoid opens to dispense water, to equal 1.9 Liters. This shortens the amount of time/extraction to worry about. Then we prepared our ideal amount of coffee grounds, with our ideal grind setting. Having found our approximate ideal ratios we started to tackle two issues yesterday: grounds getting properly saturated, and temperature of the brew water during the extraction.  Basically we got to know the Fetco 31Aap a little better. Thanks to our log book we have  kept track of our work. It would be rad if we could coax the 31Aap into making beautiful coffee.

The picture was added to our window blog last night.

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