further adventures Fetco 31Aap, and we recalibrate our scale!

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We made ridiculous amounts of coffee with the Fetco 31Aap. Pictured above was one of our better moments, when we discovered that removing the brew funnel reduced our 2 Liter brew time by 20 seconds. Removing the funnel also allowed a better look at the level of water during the brew in contact with the grounds.

This morning we biked our 40 pound capacity Tor-Rey scale out to A-1 Scales, 2330 NW Raleigh, to be calibrated. Two days ago, Eric, from the State of Oregon Dept. of Agriculture Measurement Standards division, found a linear inaccuracy in the reading of our scale. The more weight on the scale the further off the reading. Our scale has been under weighing just beyond the limit, so when we sell coffee to people by weight we are giving them a little more than we say we are. This should always be the case anyway, but we do like accurate scales.

Since we are a food processor our inspections fall under Agriculture, and not the Department of Health. In addition to the basic Agriculture inspector, we also get a special visit from their Measurement Standards division. Anyone who sells a food product by volume must get their scale certified by the State. The inspectors may visit as much as they like but it usually happens every six months, or at the very longest a year. Now that we have our scale re calibrated, Eric will come out again to double check the work in the next week, or two, and perhaps give us a new sticker.

A-1 Scales is totally rad. The girl at the front desk asked if i could leave the scaleĀ  for a few days, or if I needed the scale soon (She was super excited about her job). Our scale was re-calibrated and tested within 20 minutes. This was enough time for a bike ride to Coffee House Northwest and a double espresso from Charlotte! After gathering a little more information about electronic scales our Tor-Rey was back on the cargo bike to the workshop. One tidbit I learned is that electronic scales are sometimes more accurate after having warmed up for 15 minutes.

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