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IMGP3736 by you.

Six batches roasted this morning. Trying to lock down the perfect roast always. Today we roasted the last batch of our current espresso, Brazil Cerrado faz. Chapadao de Ferro, as well as the first batch of our new espresso, El Salvador Borbollon. Then three batches of Guatemala finca las Nubes were done nicely, followed by one batch of decaf coffee.

We have been cupping production roasts a ton, usually 3-4 days out of roast to give them time to open. There was one really spectacular roast of the finca Alaska on the 19th of September that stands out clearly and where I have been trying to work my way back. I have been reducing the amount of coffee I have been dropping into the roaster lately, as well as the initial temperature, trying to gain more control and leverage with my heat. Our batch sizes are now 15-16 pounds, yeilding 12-13 pounds each batch. Average roast time is 12-13 minutes. Pictured above is the underside of the gas jets.

Last night I pulled off one really beautiful roast of the finca Alaska, followed by one that might not be as classically beautiful. The second roast was pulled shorter than I intended. It has absolutely awesome floral aromatics and a nice sugar sweetness, but is a very light roast. If we had a shop of our own we would definitely serve this, but it might be too light for our accounts. I found this roast super savory and a little meaty, like rabbit, with a juicy juicy body. One cup packs a wallop of caffeine, and i think its awesome, but alas. Come over and I will press some up for you.

It was a cold crisp day for bike deliveries. My throat is soar from yelling and cheering at the cyclocross races yesterday. Courier biked up coffee and ceramic cups and held down the Veloshop tent. Today our workshop is nice and warm from the roasting. The plan for the day is more cupping and tasting and biking!

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