Rods and eyelets for our lsm 3group Leva arrive by bike.

It is Saturday. I am waiting for Edwin to drop off some rods and eyelets for our three group San Marco Leva. We carefully left these parts with Edwin because at the time we didn’t know how to repair the damage. We still don’t have a way to repair the wear on the eyelets, but we need the rods in hand to continue work. Although it has been on the back burner, we are not giving up on refurbishing our 1980 la San Marco manual espresso machine. All OEM parts are in from Michaelo, and the three group is sitting on the couch just asking for a little attention. Though the rods from the groups are in great condition, the hard, chrome-plated brass eyelets need some tinkering. The question is do we use new OEM eyelets? or do we try to improve the fit in a non standard way? Already we have been talking about making slight changes to the original design, so perhaps we will make some adjustments… Much love Edwin!

4 Responses to “Rods and eyelets for our lsm 3group Leva arrive by bike.”

  1. evan says:

    what? your not planning on installing PID?

  2. joel says:

    thats the question. A PID control device could aid in the thermal stability of the groups and especially with recovery for steaming. What i really want is to know the water temperature immediately above the coffee in the portafilter basket all the time. I cant think of a way to get a permanent thermocouple probe where i want it. so i think before we PID something i would like to know how steady the temperature is already. this is one of our many pet projects. id also like to get some double wall ss steamwand tubing and a different valve design. whether its going to be custom or not is up in the air. so PID- maybe.

  3. justin says:

    hey any pics of the machine, i have a PID lever machine at our factory at the moment and it makes amazing coffee, no steam tho ( no loss really there).

  4. joel says:

    yes. I will post some pictures today July 20th 2009. And ill try to sum up my experience with the lsm leva.