new espresso on bar, El Borbollon

IMGP3890 by you.

El Salvador, Santa Ana (region), fincas (farms) la Reforma y el Cerro, both run by the Alvarez family, a lot of 100% red bourbon varietal coffee, labeled simply el Borbollon. This coffee arrived August in burlap bags of 132pounds each.

We have been sort of sleeping on this coffee from the start. The previous espresso was a single lot from the Delarisse farm in Cerrado, Brazil- Chapadao de Ferro, or big plateau of iron. We have moved from a sweet, sugary, natural process coffee, to a washed coffee. The Chapadao de Ferro, by the way, took second place in the Cup of Cerrado, we are told. Our new espresso is also full in your mouth, and much of this is due to the varietal, bourbon.

Bourbon is an older varietal. The seeds are fatter, more round, and the sugar in the cherry is distributed a little more evenly in the seed, or bean. Bourbon varietals are very full and well rounded, with a nice depth in the acidity. This coffee we call red bourbon because the cherrys, when ripe, are red, generally the case for coffee cherries, but there are also strains such as yellow and orange, and of course each different varietal of coffee has its own depth of color.

This morning, besides roasting a ton, and booking it around town, I got a chance to taste our espresso in action at both the Little Red Bike Cafe, and the Half and Half Cafe. I am so excited for this new espresso. The Chapadao de Ferro was lovely and fun, but super sugary. El Borbollon carries more bass, and also more of a chocolaty depth, citrusy orange. Natasha, of the H&H Cafe, made me a shot that lingered awesomely my entire ride back. I am hugely excited for this new espresso of the future.

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