predawn delivery

IMGP3776 by you.

Filling glass jars with coffee, later this afternoon. The roaster is still cool, having been shut off at midnight, when we last updated our workshop window.

We roast coffee seven days a week. Monday is one of the mornings we drop glass jars full of roasted coffee beans to peoples front doors. We like glass jars a lot. For each jar dropped off, we pick up one empty jar. Jars are taken back and washed in our triple sink with mild soap and hot water, rinsed, and sanitized in a solution of 50ppm bleach. Each jar is checked for cracks, and cleanliness. The jars protect against rain and humidity, and each only sits for an hour or two before people find them. Predawn deliveries start at 4-5am, depending on if commercial deliveries need to be done at that time as well.

Jars are heavy, and our morning list is very small, thought out so that it may be done without the use of our heavy duty cargo bike. We love appointments and people dropping by our workshop to pick up their coffee. When people order 24 hours in advance it is super nice. Everyone is always welcome at our workshop, but please keep in mind we are not retail.

Eastmoreland Market, Lrbc and H&H all retail our coffee as well, found on our main webpage (not the blog, and we know they are not linked).

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