El Borbollon

El Borbollon (bourbon for bourbon varietal coffee) will be on bar this weekend at Half&Half Cafe, 923 sw Oak, as both espresso and coffee. A few weeks back we moved to this 100% red bourbon varietal coffee from el Salvador as espresso. In a way we have been too excited for it as an espresso coffee to start working it specifically for french press, or any of the other methods not espresso. This morning we produced a beautiful batch of El Borbollon for the Half&Half Cafe. This will be perhaps the fourth batch in a fleeting series for coffee coffee only.

Also, Liberty Glass Bar, just down the hill from Mississippi & Fremont, has been serving the El Borbollon in their Bourbon themed drink- oh-my-goodness. And wow, their new outside patio is gorgeous. Alex & Matt have been running coffee to our Northside friends, so yesterday I got to check out their new roof over the patio. There is a red enameled fireplace and it just looks rad.
El Borbollon, 100% red bourbon varietal coffee from El Salvador, Santa Ana Region, fincas (farms) la Reforma y el Cerro, owned by the Alvarez family, washed & patio dried, packaged in burlap bags, August crop arrival.

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