We wanted to believe them when they said they were coming today

IMGP4069 by you.

IMGP4066 by you.

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We pulled some things to keep two people at the workshop for when the truck came with our new green coffee. With the off and on rain we definitely wanted to move our green coffee fast between the palette at street level and our below ground store room.

At 630am I was waking up, Alex was leaving the workshop with a full bike load of coffee, and Matt Sperry was checking in to see what time he should come to work. Later I, biking to work with a huge blue tarp strapped to my Sprout Cycles front rack, worry about rain and our coffee shipment, Alex somewhere in St. Johns. Matt came while Alex was running deliveries. The entire day we checked on our cardboard sign, walking out to look for trucks.

We did cup coffee, roasts 10/18 through 10/23. Pictured above a remnant of the cupping. We tasted roasts between the dates listed, we are now tasting everything we send out. Alex sits on the floor matching our tasting notes with roast times.

They tell us the truck will come tomorrow between 9am and 11am. Still time to help us unload!

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