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The last five days have been intense. First off the rain has been killer. Saturday our green coffee storeroom flooded with water. Yes, all our downspouts are connected, and we have taken measures to divert water away from the foundation of the building. We are a little obsessive about these things, and not a day goes by without checking downspout connections.

Green coffee is kind of our lifeblood. We have over four thousand pounds of coffee at the moment in our cellar, because it is stable environment. Our cellar is dark, cool, and relatively dry. It is nice smelling, no must, and very clean. Twice in the past water has flooded our basement. Everything is kept on palettes up off the floor, away from the wall, and evenly spaced. Luckily yesterday the water was caught as it started to flood, but oh man, the water. Much work kept the pallets themselves from getting wet. 30 liters of water were removed from the floor.

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Saturday was just torrential rain. Friday was rainy as well, which is why we felt a little guilty over quarantining an espresso machine, not belonging to us, outside. Pictured somewhere, you will see that we have five espresso machines in our workshop, FIVE espresso machines! The fact that we had to emergency ditch one outside has kind of freaked us out, but we had to as soon as we found signs of mice inside. We will not have that kind of stuff in our workshop! This machine must be fully cleaned before it re-enters, meaning ALL of its parts are going to have to removed and cleaned, that is a ton of work.

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The Synesso espresso machine, or the one we have been shooting detail pictures of, came on Thursday, along with practically the entire crew from Coffee House NW. We are checking over the machine with them, and removing calcium and mineral buildup from the boilers.

So all these machines have made our workshop kind of rad. Currently our copper bar is spilling over with machine parts for the Synesso. At least one of the class-H valves is dead, perhaps a check valve needs rebuilding. The picture below shows a removed class-H solenoid valve. It is a compact stainless steel valve with Viton seal, and its natural position, or de-energized position is closed. Yesterday we reworked the valve a few times to see if there was a way around complete replacement, and to learn more about seats and seals.

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The workshop has been super busy. We are all trying to sleep a ton to ward off illness, but there is a lot on the table. Feel free to stop by and check our progress.

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