more than roasting biking coffee, or the inside of the Synesso steam boiler

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Roasting coffee, and working with coffee friends is a big part of the work. Supporting all things coffee is another part of the work, including espresso machines.

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This is a three year old Synesso Cyncra steam boiler, after running solution through to remove the mineral deposits. We think the sandy looking grit is residual crystal silicate of some kind, but really we are just making this stuff up as we go.

You can see the two stainless steel tubes coming out dead level at the waterline, these lead across the boiler and out the other side. They angle up in an upside down V, to keep out of the steam, and avoid the water line where precipitant forms. These tubes lead to the individual brew boilers, preheating the water, sometimes referred to as heat-exchangers.

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