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The last two nights I have been roasting samples at home, in my first production roaster, a solid steel drum, pictures here. This means that we have been getting samples of coffee, that we have been cupping samples at our shop, and that decisions are being made about new coffees to purchase.
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whew, now that we have updated everyone on the exciting news lets talk about these grouphead screen retaining clips for the San Marco Leva. The black clip is a genuine San Marco part, relatively stiff, 2mm thick, ferrous steel. The shiny clip is stainless spring steel, hand made in Portland, Oregon and 1.35mm thick. The stainless clip was made by Arthur Springer, who runs an espresso machine repair business with his wife, Suzy, and we think Arthur is awesome. Arthur works on older CMA machines along with La San Marcos, and he has a great history on many machines in Portland. If we find a commercial machine and want to know more about it we call Arthur. If we need vintage parts we call Arthur. And, well, if you need these retainer springs perhaps you should him too, or better, make them yourself (our number is on our main page).

Our 1981 San Marco Leva has a noticeable stepped groove where the retainer clip should fit. The deeper part of the channel is thinner, but then there is a shallower, wider channel overlapping the other. We think this is because the older machines originally used thinner retainer clips, but then San Marco changed its clip thickness. The current LSM clips are stiff and require a heavy duty set of ring pliers. These new clips rust, and while the tool to insert them is easy, they do not sit in the channel nicely, but rather hold by main force to a thin edge. Basically they do not work well.

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so, much work.

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