weekend machine work, fresh finca Alaska at the H&H today.

IMGP4256 by you.

People visited our workshop over the weekend and purchased coffee. We were detailing a two group Synesso espresso machine both Saturday and Sunday, imagine tiny toothbrushes and abrasive pads. Having people stop by was wonderful.

This morning a lovely roast of El Salvador finca Alaska was pulled off and sent to the Half & Half Cafe, 923 sw Oak. This came along with some Guatemala finca Las Nubes, roasted Sunday afternoon.

IMGP4251 by you.

The first picture is a brew boiler for a Synesso espresso machine. Heating element, temperature probe, shaft leading up to the grouphead itself. Then a picture of the stainless steel tubing that brings water into the brew boiler. The shorter length of tube is a service drain for the brew boiler and it only stubs out a little into the boiler, unlike the water inlet reaching into 2/3rds the length of the boiler.
IMGP4270 by you.

Today we have some big decisions to make about what new coffees to purchase. Five samples sit on the table. Alex is on the cargo bike downtown delivering coffee to offices, as soon as he gets back we will probably cup everything.

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