The crazy thing is our distribution is by bicycle

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We have some lovely coffees stacking up in our cellar. Green coffee typically comes in bags of 132-150 pounds. We roast coffee as it comes as a crop and as a distinct lot. Fresh green coffee is certainly much more tasty than 9 month old green coffee. When it arrives afloat there is a lot of vibrancy and definition. Three months down the road and it does not have the sparkle. Some of the high notes and the definition in the acidity are leaving. Six months and flavors have definitely mellowed.

Some people have called and have been asking about specific coffees from last year. Well, those coffees will never be the same again, but we are happy you remember. We purchase coffee as it comes in, seasonally. Sometimes the lot size (amount of bags) is exceptionally small, and the amount available is always limited. Lately we have been purchasing a little more of everything so that there is a chance for coffees you remember recently to still be around. We have taped up our list of offerings on our workshop door (behind the house of 4019 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd). This list will be updated, and in a few days we will post a revised list here.

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On the workshop/bike front-

Our cargo bike (made by C.A.T.) has new brakepads, incredibly important, and a new rear tire. We are waffling on replacing our dying front hub (slowly) with either a Phil to match the rear, or one of those dynamo hubs (like from Peter White Cycles). This is a tough call.

Our workshop at one point last night had six espresso machines, but now we are back to five. There is now one super clean espresso machine out in Portland.

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As always we roast coffee daily, but only a few hours each day, usually in the morning to warm up the room. Special orders welcome. Questions welcome. If you would like to pick up coffee from us feel free to call us on the phone (545-6444 my cell)

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