Thursday night heating steel

Im warming up the roaster right now (4:49pm Thursday evening). Coffee for Little Red Bike Cafe, Half and Half Cafe, Hash (breakfast Sellwood), Veloshop (awesome bike shop downtown, for the bike races at PIR this weekend), Navarre (wine bar- brunch rocks).

Alex is biking coffee deliveries downtown. He went to Perierra Creperie (WHERE WE HAVE JUST SWITCHED UP THE COFFEE!! Sometime between now and 10am they are going to be doing El Salvador finca Las Nubes- HOLD ON COURIER COFFEE UNTILL THREE AM-ROCK!). Alex is currently dropping half pounds at THE CORNER OF 6TH AND EVERETTE, where our friend Mark is selling coffee as part of his project at the Eyefull Gallery. We love Mark, so if you are out tonight, or ALL MONTH LONG, he will be selling half pounds of coffee, and awesome printed matter. Mark is rad please go check him out. Last, Alex is delivering El Salvador Borbollon, fincas las Reforma and El Cerro to the Liberty Glass. The Liberty Glass is a truly special place, off the corner of Mississippi and Fremont, open till 2am. Their food is totally comfort food, and whenever I am hungry, or dying of starvation, I always stop by for a beer on late night deliveries.

The El Salvador finca las Nubes is going to be lovely tomorrow at Perierra Creperie (12th and Hawthorne)- serious. Are they still giving away free coffee with crepes- Hell yeah!

We are excited about this month. Perhaps not so excited about cold toes biking coffee, but we are super excited about beautiful coffee and lovely bike rides. Expect three fresh coffees at Little Red Bike Cafe at opening, and three fresh coffees at Half and Half Cafe shortly after. Mark, our friend will be selling Courier Coffee ALL MONTH long, so go check him out!! Much love and Cheer fromCCR!!!

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