gift giving freshness

Half pounds of coffee make super gifts. They are small, portable, pretty much already wrapped, and the right amount to last a few days (while the coffee is fresh and awesome in your mouth).

We highly recommend getting coffee that has been roasted as close as possible to the date you plan to give it as gift. We think coffee is best enjoyed within seven days of being roasted, kept room temperature, away from draft, and in whole bean form. In these first few days the coffee kind of opens up, peaks, then starts to mellow. There is a freshness to the acidity, meaning the quality of the acidity, not the actual acid content. These first few days are when the coffee should taste like papaya, or tangerines (my examples), or all the wonderful things that you want your coffee to taste like. There is a full spectrum of flavors present and at the very first the coffee shows itself off. As coffee ages it loses its high and low notes. The feel of the coffee in your mouth gets more rounded and syrupy. In the case of ground coffee it ages so quickly that this roundedness happens within a few days (coffee grinders make great gifts too!).

There are some crazy misconceptions that freezing coffee, or refrigerating coffee keeps it good. Do you think anything is as tasty after its been dethawed, or refrigerated? Perhaps if we were in a place where it was impossible to find freshly roasted coffee then we would freeze it, but we live in Portland. There is a roaster on every corner! The refrigerator and the freezer are very dry places. They suck moisture and flavor from the things that go inside them. We do not put tomatoes in the refrigerator for exactly the same reason we do not put coffee in the refrigerator.

As always Little Red Bike Cafe and Half & Half Cafe sell our coffee in whatever amount you should wish. Eastmoreland market also sells our coffee. This year our friend Mark is also selling our coffee at the Eyeful Gallery for the Dill Pickle Club. People are always welcome to pick coffee up at our workshop, and things run a little smoother when orders are called in. Well, often if you drop-in we will have coffee as well. We also do bicycle delivery.

Purchasing our coffee from our friends supports them and supports us. This year we are going to try and set up pre-order lists at each of the above locations for pickup right before the 25th. We really want your coffee as gifts to be fresh. Already one of our major goals is that our coffee shops always have fresh coffee. We do deliveries daily to make everyones timeline, and make sure that our coffee is always enjoyed when its peaking. Holiday orders are totally welcome, and yes when its snowing we will still be biking, albeit perhaps on mini-bikes.

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