glittering night time coffee delivery

Last night the streets were sparkling with ice. We have between our front loading cargo bike and my Surly 1×1 one set of Schwalbe Marathon Winter tires, with carbide studs. These offer a lot of rolling resistance, perfect for these icy mornings. Matt and Alex’s bikes run 27inch tires, which unfortunately do not have their own set of studded tires.

We have been tying some of the coffee that goes out with red ribbon. Below is our current offering list. A few coffees are roasted each day as part of 15 pound batches, often we have something roasted here fresh.

Kenya Karatina aa (Nyeri)- spicy, rasberry citrus.

Guatemala finca las Nubes- tobleron chocolate orange

El Salvador finca Alaska- tangerine, kumquat, super juicy and very full sugar

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe grade 2 Oromia cooperative, organically grown- rad.

Indonesia Flores Bajawa Ngura (wet hulled)- peanut buttery, organic grown.

Tuesday we expect two more coffees to arrive and be added to our list. If you would like coffee please just call our number listed on our main page.

Currently we have a nice rotation of coffee going at Half and Half Cafe and Little Red Bike Cafe. Our goal is to always have three different coffees at each. Our espresso is on the way out. Our 100% red bourbon varietal espresso from the Alvarez family, el Salvador, looks like it may be gone by either Christmas or the New Year. We are super in love with this espresso at the moment. Please check it out before it is gone.

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