Where Courier gets gifts.

Currently it is pouring. Alex is downtown riding the cargo bike around. Fresh Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee from the Oromia cooperative, roasted this morning, wrapped with red ribbon, at the Eyeful gallery (9th and Everette). The Dill Pickle Club has set up a gift shop where there are folk/blues records, Sprockette t-shirts, and some cool books on subjects like the history of Portland’s Chinatown.

Alex is also dropping fresh coffee at the Half and Half Cafe, 923 SW Oak. Indonesia Flores Bajawa Ngura, and Oromia cooperative Yirgacheffe. Half and Half Cafe is traditionally where we do our Christmas shopping. Definitely before they even started selling our coffee our friends got Half & Half t-shirts, and later, beer cozies. There was even a time they had Half & Half underwear. They have shirts in six different colors. They also have stocking stuffers located below the register, and this year a load of tapes from Eggy Records.

When you are at the Half & Half, also check out Reading Frenzy, next door.

This year we are ordering a ton of jam made by Little Red Bike Cafe. Check out their blog with mouthwatering pictures of their other food, and maybe some pictures of jam. Perhaps a nice gift for people who love food.

We also want to get T-shirts for our family from DoveVivi. It has been a week or two since we have eaten there, which we figure is alright since we sport their shirts pretty much non-stop.

Now, on the flip side of this, my father loves shopping for me at Veloshop, a bike shop around the corner from Half & Half Cafe. A few people have commented on the bike helmet my dad got me from there for my birthday. It is a Uvex helmet, nice.

And last- Hall Tool. They keep the Knipex tools behind the counter. We also like the Wiha screw drivers, and the Bondhaus allen wrenches. This is one of the many places we frequent in the East side industrial area. They are right across the street from Goodwill.

Seriously- this is where we get our gifts. The photo up-top was taken this morning. A bunch of freight had to be moved 5 miles along our delivery route. In those boxes are a bunch of glass, a Bunn coffee grinder, and a 5 gallon water tower.

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